CFCommunity – Where People Affected by CF Meet!

A community for people affected by Cystic Fibrosis!

CFCommunity is an online meeting place created by people with CF, for people with CF. We want to make it easy for those who live with CF to connect. 

But it’s more then just a community for us; those born with CF. CFCommunity is also meant for parents, siblings, partners, friends and those working with Cystic Fibrosis. 

What's your relationship with Cystic Fibrosis?

Here's how it works....

Your Newsfeed Everything new in one place.

The newsfeed keeps you up to date about everything that’s happening in the community. It shows updates from your friends, new discussion topics in the groups you are part of and new blog posts and comments from all of the blogs/sites that you follow

Because sometimes people get a bit crazy with their updates (Yes we are looking at you Grandma CFChimp. Those 2000 pictures of your grandkids are just lovely), you can filter your newsfeed to only see whatever has your interest.

Only want to see new blogposts from your friends? No problemo. Just want to see the activity in your private discussion group? We won’t stop you! Oh and we hate advertisement and other useless stuff (we’re looking at you Facebook).

Members Connect to people in similar situations

You can use our awesome search options to quickly find people in similar situations as you. You can get as specific as you like! For example you could search for people who speak Dutch, are above 20 years old and have experience with something you’re curious about! 

Once you’ve found someone you’d like to connect with simply send them a friend request and you can chat with them directly via our “MonkeyMessenger” or send them a private message! 

Groups Create or join groups that matter to you.

On CFCommunity anyone can start or join a group. Groups can revolve around anything: videogames, knitting, city, state, spoken language or even how to take over the world (we suspect this is what the CF Chimps are secretly doing)

When you create a group you can choose between different privacy levels (public or hidden) and even decide if you want to approve members before they can enter your group.

You can also create a group that can only be joined by people in the same situation as you. So if you have CF you can create a group that only people with CF can participate in. We hate segregation as much as you do, but sometimes it’s nice to have a secret clubhouse right?!

Sites One Big Happy Family of CF Related Blogs

Join our community of fellow bloggers and create your own blog on CFCommunity! Your blog is linked to your profile and as soon as you publish your latest masterpiece, your friends will see your post in their newsfeed!

Or maybe you want to use your blog to showcase your art. Or a video blog.. or.. well we’re sure you can come up with something cool! To help you get started we have a bunch of pre-made designs you can choose from.

Already have a website which is world famous? That’s cool too! Like your site to your profile and all your new posts will be posted to your profile. Sweet!

Causes Follow The Causes You Care About

There are many amazing CF causes out there, and they are doing great things for people with CF. We want to make it easier for them to be found and for you to stay updated about the awesome work they do. This is why we creaetd the Causes Directory where we try to list all the CF related causes across the world.

A cause page can be created by any CF related cause or organisation. Once you decide to follow a cause you will receive updates from them in your newsfeed. If you own or work for a cause you can use your cause page to stay in touch with the CF community. There is a lot of cool things you can add to your cause page, and you can read all about that here!

Privacy: What you do on CFCommunity stays on CFCommunity

Talking about CF is often a deeply personal thing and sometimes you might want to talk about things that are only meant for those who can truly relate. 

For example you can create a private group only accessible for people with CF! Or if you’re a parent you can do the same but make your group only accessible for other parents. 

And we’ll respect your privacy more than anything. We’ll never run advertisements or share your data with anyone. Super Duper Mega Pinky Promise.  

And much more... We're busy monkeys!

Our community is always creating!

Whilst you’re reading this our community members are busy adding videos to our CF Video site. And our CFChimp is refining the recipe of his favorite Banana Cake on the CF Chef Site. We love creating sites in our network that are useful for the community!

How about a medicine database where you can leave your experiences with certain meds and treatments? Or a site where you can ask and aswers CF related questions anonymously? We got plenty of ideas for the future. Have a cool idea for a site? Simply get started!

What is Cystic Fibrosis and why is CFCommunity needed?

People with Cystic Fibrosis are not allowed to have contact with one another. 

It increases the chance of lung infections and has the potential to reduce life expectancy. Now imagine that thousands of others also share this genetic disease but you won’t ever be able to meet with them in person. You won’t be able to get together to share stories, a shoulder, a helping hand, a hug, or build a community of support and encouragement.

Online, however, we can interact and engage as much as we want. Online we can create a community and a support network. Online we can make friends. Being around people who truly understand you is important.

This realisation is what sparked our ambition to create something for us; the Cystic Fibrosis community. This is why we created CFCommunity.

CFCommunity is 100% dependent on donations! We have managed to start our dream project thanks to many donations from friends, family and people affected by Cystic Fibrosis all across the world. We are now an officially registered cause in the Netherlands and any donation for our cause would be amazing.

By supporting CFCommunity you can make a difference for those who live with CF.