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  • Bowe Frankema 10:02 am on March 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Testing updates

  • Bowe Frankema 9:57 am on March 25, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Meet the development team 

    After a short break where we sent out your perks and took some time to reflect on the extremely hectic crowd funding month, we’re now moving forward in the next phase of development. We’ve found a great team of developers who will assist us during the way.

    Meet the team

    Ze is a localisation expert and will help us with the translation of our code and content across CFCommunity.

    Slava is an experienced BuddyPress and WordPress developer who will take care of writing a lot of the custom plugins!

    Matthieu – has been part of the BuddyPress Core Development team and has volunteered his time to help us create the Memorial profiles and profile cover photos!

    Raymond is also part of the BuddyPress Core Development team and will help us with adapting Commons in a Box so we can use it for CFCommunity (and open up the possibility to release our work into a single plugin for other health related causes who want to start a social network)

    As you can see we’ve managed to get an amazing group of people together and we’re really excited to start work April 1st.

    So what’s next?

    We’ll keep you updated about our progress over the following weeks, and share some of our experiences during the development of the site. If you’re a WordPress/BuddyPress developer you can also follow us on GitHub.

  • Bowe Frankema 4:02 pm on December 16, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    One year of free WordPress hosting from SiteGround in return for your donation! 


    When SiteGround heard about our mission to create a WordPress powered social network for those affected by Cystic Fibrosis, they quickly offered to help us with our Crowdfunding campaign. They are offering one year of Free Hosting to anyone who donates 40 Euros to CFCommunity.

    Sweet! So what do you get?

    The StartUp Plan gives you all the essential hosting features you need to accommodate a “just getting started” website or an existing average-size WordPress site! You will most probably outgrow this plan if you start attracting more than 10,000 unique visits per month on a regular basis.

    An overview

    • One Website
    • 10,000 Visits Monthly
    • All Essential Features
      • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
      • Free Website Transfer
      • 24/7 Support Chat/Phone/Ticket
      • Free Application Installs
      • 30 Days Money Back
      • Unlimited Traffic
      • Free Daily Backup
      • Unlimited Emails
      • Free CloudFlare CDN
      • Unlimited MySQL DB
      • cPanel & SSH Access

    I want it! How do I get it?

    1. Go to the CFCommunity IndieGogo campaign. and on the right side of the page select the “SiteGround Free Hosting Perk”
    2. Make your donation of 40 Euros (or more ;-) and support our cause.
    3. We’ll send you a special SiteGround sign-up link which you use to sign-up for Free Hosting!
    4. That’s it!

    A bit more info about Cystic Fibrosis and CFCommunity

    Imagine being born with a genetic disease that causes your lungs to fill, making it hard, sometimes impossible, to breathe. Imagine being susceptible to lung infections and a shorter life expectancy than everyone else. Imagine coughing attacks, feeling as though you’re drowning, regular hospital stays, and the fear of an uncertain future.

    Now imagine that thousands of others also share this genetic disease but you won’t ever be able to meet with them in person. You won’t be able to get together to share stories, a shoulder, a helping hand, a hug, or build a community of support and encouragement.

    This is the reality for those living with cystic fibrosis. People with CF are not allowed to have contact with one another. Because of a high susceptibility to lung infections, they can easily infect each other just by hanging out. Highly resistant bacteria can be shared between those with CF that can lead to serious declines in lung function and more vicious illnesses that are harder to treat, ultimately reducing life expectancy.

    This is the issue being tackled by BuddyPress developer, consultant and community builder Bowe Frankema. Bowe lives with cystic fibrosis and has mounted a campaign to create a social network dedicated to bringing this community together virtually, since they cannot meet together in person.

    Those involved in the WordPress and BuddyPress community are in a unique position to help make a difference in the lives of those impacted by cystic fibrosis, whether it’s through support, a plugin donation, getting the word out or helping to fund the project.

    Our project has already garnered the backing of some serious talent, including Mason James, Siobhan McKeown, Tom Wilmot, Tammie Lister and Sarah Smit. Our campaign is also offering a number of awesome WordPress perks from companies like WP RemoteWP ValetSiteGround and Human Made.

    If you’re reading this and would like to help us claim your perk and help us spread the word! Thank you so much!

    Sarah & Bowe



  • Bowe Frankema 2:43 pm on May 30, 2013 Permalink  

    CFCommunity Fundraiser 

    My name is Bowe Frankema and I was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disorder that particularly affects the lungs and digestive system. For the last few years I’ve been working on a project to help people with Cystic Fibrosis around the world: an online community and social network for people with Cystic Fibrosis.

    People with Cystic Fibrosis are not allowed to have contact with one another. It increases the chance of infection and has the potential to reduce life expectancy. Online, however, we can interact and engage as much as we want. Online we can create a community and a support network. Online we can make friends.

    Please take a few minutes to read about my story, I hope that by the end of it you’ll want to help.

    My story

    Living with CF has greatly impacted the way I go through life, in good and bad ways.

    Until my twelfth year of life, I never met or spoke to anyone with Cystic Fibrosis. I knew that the average life expectancy was about 35 years, and that over time I would start to have lung infections and that living a normal life would get harder. I learned all this through my doctors in the hospital and the bits of information my parents told me at the right periods in my childhood (if there was ever a right time to tell such things).

    When I was twelve my parents heard about these summer camps for kids with Cystic Fibrosis and thought it would be a good idea to sent me there. It was. In fact those weeks have taught me more about living with CF than any doctor, family member or book could ever tell me. For seven days a year I would spent time with kids who truly understood what it was like being different. While I was running around on the field playing a game of soccer with the well kids, we had ill kids, those who were sick at the time, cheering for us on the side of the field with IVs in their arms. I learned to accept CF as part of me, and be grateful that I was doing so well compared to others.

    2005 was the last year that these CF Camps were held. New medical research showed that there was a risk of cross-infection when people with CF met in person. By being around each other you could pass along bacteria that would be resistant against the antibiotics you’ve been treated with, in turn potentially pushing life expectancy further down. It meant the end for all official meetings between people with CF, and you can probably understand how huge the impact was for all of us.

    The idea that kids who are struggling with coming to grips with their Cystic Fibrosis, would never be able to experience what it was like to be accepted and understood in such a profound way really got to me.

    It’s been eight years since the last camp, and to this day we all still lean on each other for support, advice, and sharing funny gifs of cats through the wonders of the world wide web.


    “Who would risk years of his own life just to see or hug someone?” the fact that I still see some of those friends quite often, shows how much I care about these relationships. But all the generations after us will be raised to stay away from people with CF, for good reason.

    However, being around people who truly understand you is important. This realisation is what sparked my ambition to create something for us; the Cystic Fibrosis community. a social network for people with Cystic Fibrosis.


    The idea is simple: A social network for people with CF, by people with CF. We are immensely lucky that we have the internet, giving us a safe means for communication. The community will allow people with CF to share experiences and get support from others from all over the world. They can be part of a group of people that know what it’s like to have CF or be around someone who has it, without running the risk of the cross-infection.

    It’s about being part of a group of people that know what it’s like to have CF.


    It will not only be a place where you meet others with CF, it can also serve as the way for a younger generation to learn more about their disease through meeting kids who are in the same position. As someone who’ve had the luxury to meet others with CF in real life, I know how important this is.

    But it’s more then just a community for us; those born with CF. My parents, brothers and friends are also affected by CF. It has become part of their lives too, and I think having a place for them on CFCommunity is very important. This is why we’ve come up with several smart ways to bring community members into contact with people who are in the same situation, so they can share their stories too.


    How we will make a reality

    As I said in the beginning of this campaign, the idea of led me to pursue my career in web development. Over the years I’ve built a career that allowed me to focus on creating large scale social networks built upon WordPress and BuddyPress.

    Last year my business partner, Marshall, and I were hired to work on the Commons in a Box project. This software has one goal; Making it easy to create and maintain a social network for your university, academic commons or organisation. We will adapt this software and use it as the foundation for CFCommunity.

    During the past few years I’ve spoken about building online communities at several conferences across the world. At these events I’ve met with other people using WordPress, and I’ve focused on learning how to build communities with the software.

    Before I became a freelancer I built online communities for Sony Playstation, UbiSoft and a large Dutch social network (Xseno). It’s what I love to do most, and what I do best.

    Besides my own experience I’m backed by some talented people who are helping me along the way.

    Mason James - CEO of WPValet
    Siobhan McKeown – Writer and WordPress Documentation team rep.
    Jesse Petersen – WordPress Developer and Consultant
    Tammie Lister - BuddyPress Developer and Community Builder

    Why we need your support

    It took me a long time until I was ready to reach out for others to help me with CFCommunity. The project is too important to do as a side project, and it took me a while to realise that. I had the crazy idea that a non-profit project could be developed, managed and funded by this one guy, who also happens to have CF and can’t even work full time. It’s funny how your ambitions can make you set these unrealistic goals.

    Asking other people for money to fund something that is so personal almost feels wrong. CF is such a huge part of my life that it quickly becomes very personal. Through my life I’ve always tried my absolute best not to be “special”, trying not to be the sick kid that needs help. It’s something that every single person with CF can relate to – often we look healthy on the outside, making it easy for us to hide what’s within.

    It took me a long time to realise that sometimes asking for help is a good thing. I’m now believe that asking for help for CFCommunity is the right path to take. Because without help, I’ll simply never be able to make it happen.

    Some words to the WordPress & BuddyPress Community

    Over the last three years I’ve made many friends through our community, meeting a lot of you at WordCamps and BuddyCamps across the world. WordPress has drastically improved my life by allowing me to work from home, at my own pace and in a great ecosystem full of opportunities. It’s been  amazing, and I’m extremely grateful to be part of the community.


    How I plan to give back to the WordPress community through this project

    The long term goal is to create a “plugin suite” that serves as a great starting point for those who would like to create a social network for any health-related cause. Because of the open source nature of WordPress and the great progress BuddyPress has made over the years, I believe this could be something that the entire community can be proud of.

    I will also keep a developer diary during the entire development process and share that on my personal blog and on my BuddyPress tutorial site BP-Tricks.

    Some special perks

    Through the amazing support of some of my friends in the WordPress community we’re able to offer some really cool perks in return for your donation to CFCommunity. Take a look at the perks on the right side of this page for all the goodies!

    Some words to the Cystic Fibrosis related causes/organisations

    If you are representing a CF related organisation and would like to get involved, I would love to have your help. By backing CFCommunity you not only support a project set up by people with CF, you can also be an active part of our community.

    Our community will allow any CF related cause to create a page with the ability for our members to follow your activity if they choose to do so.

    Some special perks

    Take a look at the available perks to see how you can be listed as a sponsor on our site and in our newsletter and press releases.

    Answering some additional questions

    Because we don’t want to turn this campaign text into a novel, we’ve published a lot of additional information about the project on our website. It will give you a detailed rundown of how your money will be used, how the project timeline looks and why Facebook sucks so bad. Visit the FAQ page

    Let’s make it happen!

    Hopefully after seeing/reading the story of me and my friends, you’re willing to support CFCommunity. We would be extremely grateful and are very motivated to create something meaningful for everyone affected by Cystic Fibrosis. Please help us make it happen!

    Bowe & Sarah

    PS: It would be great if you’d share our campaign with your friends through Facebook/Twitter/Email or any other social channel.

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    Hello world! 

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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