House Rules

Rules help things run smoothly, but this is not a dictatorship. This is a community. That said, because we want to keep our site fun and accessible to everyone, we need to have some guidelines to ensure it remains a nice place to visit.

We don’t police or moderate every post. We believe this encourages more people to contribute. This means that as a registered member of CFCommunity, your comment or post will be published directly to the site without moderation. It will only be removed if we or others find it offensive.

This self-moderation means that we may need to be made aware of any content which is breaking our house rules. If you come across anything which you think is going against what we believe in, you can notify one of our moderators by reporting the content.

Here are our house rules for using

  • Help each other out. We’ve all been the newbie and it can be scary. If you’re new, make sure you call into the speakeasy and say hi. If you’re not so new, be sure to welcome the newcomers!
  • Keep it friendly. You’re bound to come into contact with people with different opinions. If you disagree with someone, please do so in a calm and respectful manner. We will remove any member who we feel is harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening or aggressive. That’s not what we’re about. There’s no place for it here.
  • Don’t forget the magic word/s. It’s nice to be nice, right? If you’d like to directly message another member, don’t forget to introduce yourself first. You’re more likely to get a reply if you’ve explained who you are first.
  • This isn’t Craigslist. Please don’t use our website to promote products or services from which you will be making money. By all means, tell other CFers about a mucus thinning product which you feel has relieved your symptoms. But if you’re the person who invented that mucus thinning product, that’s not so great.
  • No two are the same. We expect people to talk about medical experience and drug choices, however we will not tolerate promotion of one drug or therapy over another. Feel free to provide information, but please let people come to their own conclusions. Please don’t tell people that they have chosen the wrong treatment, or that yours is best.
  • Be you. You don’t have to use your real name as your username and you don’t have to have a photo of yourself as your profile picture. But please don’t deliberately imitate someone else, either real or imaginary. That could get you into a lot of trouble.
  • Keep it clean. Posts can contain links, but please don’t link to websites you wouldn’t show to your grandma.
  • Ask permission. Please respect people’s privacy. Make sure you have the consent of all the people you feature in any video or image you submit and don’t post other people’s personal details. For further details on video guidelines see
  • Finally, don’t be shy. Provided you follow the rules above, you can talk about whatever you want. Being surrounded by many people in the same situation as yourself, you can be sure someone out there will understand.

We want to develop a friendly, safe, and vibrant community where people feel they can express their opinions without fear of personal attack.

We have a warning system in place for anyone breaking the ground rules above. Persistent rule breakers will be banned. We reserve the right to use our discretion on who is banned.

Discussion Groups

This is a short guide on running Discussion Groups.


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